Design Machine Mission

We help new companies to precisely position themselves among
the competition, to strategically identify their primary target
profiles and creatively implement a tight connection between
the brand and its audiences by establishing a unique
and consistent voice for all integrated communication initiatives.

Client’s qualifications

To become a design machine client the company should fit one
of the following four categories:

1. Start-up company with a unique business model and an extensive
revenue model supported by private or venture capital.

2. Merger & Acquisition case company with the challenge to
merge two or more brand histories and cultures.

3. A new product/service or a line of products launched by an
established, profitable company.

4. Established business in need of repositioning, rebranding,
renaming or just a face-lift with the goal to open new market

Note: prior to accepting a new client, Design Machine evaluates
the business model, the quality of the product or service. Success is guaranteed only when the business and product/service
offers a true value to its customers. Even the most inventive and
aggressive branding will not substitute for a lack of actual value.

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