Veterans of electronic music Ed Handley and Andy Turner
of Plaid (London) collaborated with Gelman on producing this
video for one of Plaid's unreleased tracks entitled CaretStick.
The entire video (3min40sec) is built in CG as a continuously
moving chain link fence. The 2D - 3D illusions are complimentary
to the the audio's nostalgic trance/jungle loop.

Although the video is rendered to be viewed as an über 3D film
with 3D glasses, it bring up more psychedelic ravey sensations
when viewed without the glasses.

Artist: Plaid
Label: Warp Records
Director: Gelman
Production: Charlex

Additional Credits:

Executive Creative Director: Alex Weil
Producers: Steve Chiarello, Jenn Dewey
CG Supervisor: Keith McCabe
Animation: Anthony Tabtong, Pat Porter
3D Modeling and effects: Alex Cheparev,
Bill Watral, Steve Mann, Karl Coyner
Lighting: James Fisher, Jeff Chavez
Editing: Rob Aiello, Christopher Palazini,
John Zawisha

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